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The ‘’Compagnie des Fromages Suisses LTD.’’ produces cheese, including an Emmentaler AOP, which are Kosher certified. The way of producing cheese complies with a set of specifications validated by an independent, competent and neutral authority whose experts are, PhDs in chemistry, global certification specialists.
Our Swiss Kosher cheese whose flavour, taste and texture have been tested and approved by the most demanding experts and master cheesemakers, thus our Emmentaler AOP, our lightly bodied hard cheese called “G”, our goat and sheep cheeses and again, our grated cheeses which offer all the peculiarities of tasty Swiss cheeses.

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swiss cheese

Notre recette savoureuse est certifiée Casher afin de vous offrir le meilleur

Swiss cheese

A unique cheese

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For thousands of years, cheese has been a staple food because of its high nutritional value. Since ancient Rome, Switzerland has been known for its high-quality cheese. The art of cheese making is an integral part of the ‘’Compagnie des Fromages Suisses LTD.’’, which main concern is the quality of its kosher cheese, a quality perfectly reflected in all its products.
Our cheese factory is close to farms where cows graze grass and flowers in the meadows and green plains, and fresh milk is delivered daily for the greatest pleasure of master cheese-makers who start the preparation and production immediately after receiving the precious milk. The majority of Swiss cheeses are made from raw milk.
The entire manufacturing process, from cow milking to conditioning and packaging, is controlled and approved by a renowned Kosher certification body in order to guarantee you a variety of cheese with the utmost respect for Halaka law, which essentially translates into the use of non-animal rennet.
The products as well as the cleaning methods are also certified Kosher. Our master cheese-makers ensure that all the rules are strictly followed to finally produce a list of Swiss Kosher cheeses with impeccable quality.

When the question why eat Kosher? Is raised, the answer is now obvious, apart from the religious reasons and the respect of Halaka laws, the Kosher label represents a pledge of quality, respect of animals and the environment.

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